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Realistic Women Feet Pocket Pussy For Men Masturbation Toy

Specifications: Product Name: Foot pocket pussy Material: TPE Size: As the pic shows Type: Vagina Weight: 520g Packing List: 1

Vajankle, one kind of foot pocket pussy sex toy. The appearance of this kind of sex toy looks like a foot, so we can call them to foot masturbators. In this collection, we have collected a wide range of vajankle for you to choose from.

Vajankle refers to the foot pocket pussy which is added the stimulated vagina so that you can have the foot sex and vagina sex simultaneously. This idea is offered several years ago, so now you can find many kinds of vajankles online. You can buy and use the right vajankle, or left vajankle or both feet to have vagina sex, just like the pocket pussy. But vajankle will always offer to you a realistic and sexy foot sex toy.

For the vajankles, you can find two main versions, one, their vagina is on the bottom of their feet. two, the vagina is inside the ankles. For the latter one, you can find this kind of vajankle is more beautiful so that you can have a comfortable foot sex experience. Of course, if you want to have much more sex pleasure, then the first version is more worth buying.

Vajankles are made from two main kinds of materials, silicone and TPE. Both kinds of materials are widely used among all kinds of sex toys, including pocket pussy, sex torso, blowjob stimulators, and so on. There is no harm to your body and they are safe and non-poisonous, and plus, vajankles made from these kinds of high quality materials are easy to clean. From all kinds of vajankles, some of them are soft and flexible, and it will restore to normal after sex. Still, some have bones inside the toes or feet, and they can be fixed according to your needs. Of course, the majority of people will buy the soft one.