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Multiple Functions Vibrating Voice Men Masturbator Penis Stroker

Specifications: Product Name: Men masturbator Material: TPR+ABS+TPE Size: 8.4cm*20.5cm Type: Vagina Weight: 547g Packing List: 1 X Pocket Pussy

Dual Ended Penis Stroker Blowjob Men Masturbator For Fucking

Specifications: Product Name: Men masturbator Material: TPR, TPE Size: 3.21in, 5.51in. 3.21in Type: Mouth, Vagina Weight: 550g Packing List: 1

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In addition to providing users with a safe, comfortable, and versatile sexual experience, the heated pocket pussy series products are designed to give them a sensuous and premium feel. Additionally, heated pocket pussy provides the user with a safe environment so that the user feels secure and safe during the act of having sex. For those who are passionate about sex, the range from heated pocket pussy offers an exciting and enriching sexual experience, allowing them to enjoy the pleasure of sex more comfortably, and allowing them to experience a more enjoyable sex experience as a result.